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What is Cross Country??

Cross country is a running sport that everyone can do. It just requires patience, work ethic and consistency to reap the results. It’s an inexpensive sport where you just need running shoes and shorts to get started.

Running is also a great way to get in shape physically and mentally as you are working the cardiovascular system and challenging yourself to do your best. It is a rewarding sport as there is nothing like the feeling when you finish a race. You might be exhausted, out of breath, and a little thirsty, but the sense of accomplishment you get feels so gratifying.

Cross country is an individual and team sport because the training and the races are all based on your personal effort! A PB (personal best) or a great workout is all based on you. Your individual performance is part of your teammate’s performance producing a team score.

Another great thing about cross country is that everyone competes! Everyone runs the same course, gets to participate and there is no bench to sit on and watch while others compete. Also, you may find that many of your teammates will be your lifelong friends.

Be a part of our team and:

  • Receive personal accomplishment and satisfaction.
  • Be part of a positive and self-motivated team.
  • Improve fitness for a winter or spring sport.
  • Learn lifelong habits for personal success.
  • Get physically and mentally stronger.
  • Receive genuine team experience.
  • Great way to meet new friends.

YES! Sign me up for Cross Country.

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